Aajako Rashifal

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We have aajako rasifal in Nepali of 2077. Read the free rasifal in Nepali and plan you day. Be aware , stay safe and healthy. Horoscope in Nepali.To follow your rashi scrol the page and read the rashifal . Daily updated rasifal provides you the way for your day. 

There are twelve rasi in Nepal. They are Mesh-Aries, Brish- Taurus, Mithun-Gemini, Karkat- Cancer, Singha- Leo, Kanya- Virgo, Tula -Libra, Brishchik -Scorpio, Dhanu- Sagittarius, Majkar- Capricorn, Khumbha- Aquarious, Min - Pisces.
Nepali Rashifal is based on moon's sign which is based on the ancient proposition of vedic astrology. Rasifal or horoscope is the prediction observed on the basis of moon Sign. Nepali Rasifal is read by Many Nepali because they trust on it.

Rasifal is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of sun, moon and planets and astrological aspects and sensitive angles. At the time of an event, Such as time of birth of a person.The word horoscope ( Rasifal) is derived from Greeks.

Mesh AriesMarch 21- April 19
BrishTaurusApril 20- May 20
MithunGeminiMay 21 - June 21
KarkatCancerJune 22- July 22
SinghaLeoJuly 23- August 22
Kanya VirgoAugust 23 - September 22
TulaLibraSeptember 23- October 22
BrishchikScorpioOctober 23- November 21
DhanuSagittarusNovember 22- December 21
MakarCapricornDecember 22- January 19
Khumbha AquariusJanuary 20- February 18
MinPicesFebruary 19 March 20
We always provide updated information about the rashifal in Nepali . Read this rashifal and do your tasks accordingly. But don't depend blindly on the Nepali Rashifal only. Though it is scientifically proved. Do have hard working Habits because luck always doesn't favor you.
We will soon update the rashifal weekly ,monthly and yearly as well. Till that we will update the rashifal daily . Please read it and share it among your peers groups and family.

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