Net Profit of Non Life Insurance


There are 18 non life insurance companies listed in NEPSE. We have collected the data of Net Profit of Non Life Insurance in second quarter report of 2078/79.

Out of 18 non life insurance companies, 7 companies have reported above industry average and rest below industry average. 11 companies has shown growth as compare to last year second quarter. Similarly, 7 companies have reported a decline in Net Profit in this quarter. 

Shikhar Insurance Company Limited (SICL) earned the highest net profit in second quarter. It has managed to earned total net profit of Rs. 24.30 crores. Similarly, Rsatriya Beema Company Limited (RBCL)  and Sagarmatha Insurance Company Limited (SIC) are in  second and third position. They have earned net profit of Rs. 19.43 crore and Rs. 17.77 crore respectively. 

Himalayan General Insurance Company limited (HGI) and Ajod Insurance limited (AJOD) are in second last and  last position. They have earned Rs. 5.22 crore and Rs. 4.63 crore respectively. 

Net Profit of Non Life Insurance

Following are the non life insurance companies with their net profit. 

Net Profit of Non Life Insurance

Note: all the data are taken from the financial statement if second quarter report of 2078/79.

United Insurance Company Limited (UIC) has showned the highest growth among non life insurance companies. They have showned 118.98% growth from Rs. 2.74 crore to Rs. 6.00 crore. 

Premier Insurance, Prudential Insurance Company, NLG insurance ,  Neco insurance , etc are the companies with Negative growth rate. 

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