Earnings Per Share (EPS) of Hydro Power Companies


 There are 44 Hydro Power Companies listed in NEPSE in which maximum are running successfully.

 Third Quarter Report

 As per the third quarter report of FY 2078/79, Ridhi Hydropower Development Company Limited has the Highest EPS. The Annualized EPS of the company is Rs. 110.17.

Similarly, Mountain Energy Nepal Limited (MEN) and RU RU Jalbidhyut Pariyojana Limited (RURU) are in second and third position. Their annualized EPS is Rs. 28.93 and Rs. 24.05 respectively. 

Shiva Shree Hydropower Limited (SSHL) has the least EPS of Rs. -26.10.

Following are the Hydropower with their EPS

Ridi Hydropower Development Company Limited (RHPC): 110.17

Mountain Energy Nepal Limited (MEN): Rs. 28.93 

Ru Ru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana Limited (RURU): Rs. 24.05

Sahas Urja Limited (SAHAS): Rs. 22.15 

Panchthar Power Company Limited (PPCL): Rs. 19.27

CEDB hydropower Development Company Limited (CHDC): Rs. 17.01

United IDI Mardi and RB Hydropower Ltd (UMRH): Rs. 16.76

Arun Kabeli Power Limited (AKPL): Rs. 16.12

Sanima Mai Hydropower Company Limited (SHPC): Rs. 14.57 

Kalika Power Company Ltd (KPCL): Rs. 13.22

Nepal Hydro Developers Ltd. (NHDL): Rs. 11.95

Barun Hydropower Company Limited (BARUN): Rs. 11.83

Ngadi Group Power Ltd. (NGPL): Rs. 10.27

Chilime Hydropower Company Limited (CHCL): Rs. 10.21

Radhi Bidyut Company Limited (Radhi): Rs. 9.72

Mountain Hydro Nepal Limited (MHNL): Rs. 9.18

Api Power Company Limited (API): Rs. 8.40

Arun Valley Hydropower Development Co. Ltd. (AHPC): Rs. 7.71

Butwal Power Company Limited (BPCL): Rs. 7.32

Synergy Power Development Ltd (SPDL): Rs. 6.39

Panchakanya Mai Hydropower Ltd (PMHPL): Rs. 5.51

Ankhu Khola Jalvidhyut Company ltd (AKJCL): Rs. 5.08

Union Hydropower Company Limited (UNHPL): Rs. 4.55

Khani Khola Hydropower Company Limited (KKHC): Rs. 4.52

Mailung Khola Jal Vidhyut Company Limited (MKJC): Rs. 4.26

National Hydro Power Co. Ltd (NHPC): Rs. 3.15

United Modi hydropower limited (UMHL): Rs.2.39

 National Hydro Power Company Limited (NHPC): Rs. 2.66

Universal Power Company Limited  (UPCL): Rs. 0.24

Himalayan Power Partner Ltd. (HPPL): Rs. 0

Himalaya Urja Bikas Company Limited (HURJA): Rs. -0.01

Terhathum Power Company Limited (TPC): Rs. -0.77

Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalvidhyut Company Limited (MBJC): Rs. -0.25

Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Limited (RHPL): Rs. -0.61

Joshi Hydropower Development Company Ltd (JOSHI): Rs. - 0.96

Sanjen Jalvidhyut Company Limited (SJCL): Rs. -1

Liberty Energy Company Ltd (LEC): Rs. -1.33

Nyadi Hydropower Limited(NYADI): Rs. -1.63

Chhyangdi Hydropower Limited (CHL) : Rs. -2.28

 Ghalemdi Hydro Limited (GHL): Rs. -2.95

Singati Hydro Enery Ltd (SHEL): Rs. -3.89

Singati Hydro Energy Limited (SHEL); Rs. -5.19 

Dibyashwori Hydropower Ltd. (DHPL): Rs. -5.92

Samling Power Company Limited (SPC): Rs. -14.55

Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Ltd (UPPER): Rs. -20.78

Shiva Shree Hydropower Limited (SSHL): Rs. - 26.10

Himal Dolakha Hydropower Company Limited (HDHPC)

Note: All the data and information are taken from the financial statement of respective company.

Second Quarter Report 

Following are the Hydro power with their Second Quarter report of FY 2078/79.

First Quarter Report

Maximum hydro power companies has performed well in their first quarter of 2078/79. These companies has earned a lot of profit for its shareholder. Only few are not been able to generate the electricity. Due to which they are not been able to earn revenue  for its shareholder. 

Ridi Hydropower Development Company Limited (RHPC) has highest EPS of Rs. 311.1. None of other companies fall near to it. Company has earned profit from selling electricity as well as selling it share of RRHP. Mountain Energy Nepal Limited (MEN) has second highest EPS of Rs.59.60.

As per the report, Shiva Shree Hydropower Company Limited has the least EPS of -28.7. Only few company has negative EPSand it is one of them. There are few more companies which has not issued its first quarter report.

Earnings Per Share (EPS) of Hydro Power Companies

 Following are the Hydro Power Companies and their Paid up capital, Market Capitalization, EPS, Etc

Earnings Per Share (EPS) of Hydro Power Companies

Earnings Per Share (EPS) of Hydro Power Companies

Note: Market capitalization and market price is of 25th November, 2021.

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