Dividend Proposed and book closer date of Development Banks


 There 16 "B" developments banks listed in NEPSE. Among them only 5 companies has proposed dividend and only 2 have closed their book. Banks like Shangrila Development Bank, Mukyinath Bikas Bank, Shine Resunga Development Bank, Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank, and Lumbini Bikas Bank has proposed the dividend. Among them Only Shangrila and Kamana Sewa Development Bank has closed their book till date.

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These companies have good growth rate. Almost all of them have done better in 1st Quarter report of 2078/79. 

Dividend Proposed and book closer date of Development Banks 

Following are the development banks which has proposed the dividend. And few have closed their book as well.  

Dividend Proposed and book closer date of Development Banks

All the companies have given good dividend to its shareholder. None of them have disappointed the shareholder.

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Maximum Companies has increased their dividend as compared to their last year. Though pandemic affected the business, they have survived. And made profit for their share holder and given them good return. All companies have given double digit dividend to it owner. 


Mahalaxmi Bikash bank has given the highest dividend of 21.0526%. Similarly, Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Limited and Muktinath Bikas Bank falls in second and third position respectively. By announcing 10.5263% Sangrila Development Bank Limited fall in last in the list.

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Note: These data are for the financial knowledge for shareholder.

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