Right Share Purposed Companies


 Dividend season has started. Few companies has purposed the dividend with right share. Almost all companies which has purposed the dividend has planned to issued right share of different ratio. They are giving shareholder right share.

Companies like NGPL, API , AHPC, SPDL, AKPL has purposed right share so far. Other hydro power are on the way to issue right share to pay the loan. 

These companies has just proposed their right share and approved from respective company AGM. But SEBON -  Securities board of Nepal has not kept these company in Pipeline. Respective company have to make application to the SEBON for right issue.

Right share is given to the shareholder of the company until book closer date. so to apply for right share you have hold the company's share until book closer date.

Right Share Purposed Companies

 Following are the companies which has purposed the right share 

Right Share Purposed Companies

Note: These companies has just purposed the right share. they are not in Pipeline in SEBON. They take time to be in SEBON Pipeline.

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