Comparison of NABIL and NIC Asia banks

Comparison of NABIL and NIC Asia banks.

Nabil Bank limited ( NABIL) and NIC Asia Bank limited ( NICA)  both are shareholder desired script listed in Nepal Stock Exchange. They are strong in terms of earning as well as building the brand in the market.

The Share capital of NABIL is Rs. 18.49 arba and Rs. 11.56 arba of NICA. In  terms of reserve and surplus, NABIL bank  has Rs. 15.58 Arba and NIC Asia Bank has Rs. 11.55 Arba. 

They have collected huge amount from Customer. NIC Asia Bank has collected Rs. 296 Arba and Nabil Bank has collected Rs. 234 Arba. Similarly, loans and advances of the NIC Asia and Nabil Bank are Rs. 257 arba and 221 Arba respectively. 

In this Quarter, NICA has earned more net interest income that is Rs. 8.25  arba where as NABIL has earned Rs. 6.59  arba . 

The book value of the NABIL and NICA is Rs. 190.29 and Rs. 210.11 respectively. Similarly, non performing loan of the Nabil Bank is 1.14% and NIC Asia Bank is 0.51%


Comparison of NABIL and NIC Asia banks

Following are the major differences of the banks

The companies has earned good profit for their shareholder. 

All the comparison of NICA and NABIL is done on the basis of factors of reports of 2078/79.

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